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What do you want to know about LotusLive?

Jul 29, 2009   //   by Stuart McIntyre   //   Blog Posts  //  No Comments
What YOU want to know about Lotus Live – Frequently Asked Questions Answered by LotusLive Experts

LotusLIve event logo

Event Date:         08/04/2009
Event Time:         11:00 – 12:00 EDT (GMT-04:00)
Presented By:         David Durazzano (Sr. Technical Product Manager LotusLive Engage), Satwik Seshasai (Sr. Manager, LotusLive Online Collaboration Services), Paul Culpepper (Worldwide Advanced Collaboration Sales)

Have questions about LotusLive? Over the past year, you have asked our team many interesting and challenging questions. Let’s spend some time answering those questions and fielding new ones.
Please join our panel of LotusLive Product and Development experts, as they help you navigate LotusLive’s online collaboration services.
They’ll address topics like how to invite others to work with you in LotusLive; the simplest way to share content; and what LotusLive has that Microsoft and Google don’t. We’ll also share upcoming information about the release of LotusLive iNotes and more.

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Who’s using LotusLive?

Jun 30, 2009   //   by Stuart McIntyre   //   Blog Posts  //  No Comments

We are!

Who's using LotusLive?

As one of the earliest adopters of LotusLive Engage (in March 2008) and now proud to be a LotusLive design partner, Collaboration Matters are firm advocates of the LotusLive services.  We depend on them internally to run our business, they support collaboration with our customers/partners/suppliers and we evangelise about the benefits of cloud-based social collaboration (as well as on-premise solutions such as Lotus Connections, Lotus Quickr and Lotus Sametime) when speaking to any prospective customers.

While our customers cover a wide spectrum of small, medium and large businesses, our focus on delivering social collaboration solutions that deliver fast time-to-value and low start-up costs means that LotusLive is one of the key components in our kit-bag of offerings.  

Collaboration Matters logoWhilst at their simplest level, the LotusLive services are provisioned quickly and easily for customer use (after all, that’s what makes cloud-based services so compelling), there can still be complexity in how organisational and personal information is transitioned into the service, customisation of the service to meet particular requirements, integration between the cloud-based and on-premise infrastructure, and how users are trained and encouraged to use the systems.  That’s where Collaboration Matters can help – from the initial design, proposal, ordering and provisioning of the service, through integration/customisation, right through to migration of data off the system should your organisation decide to move away from LotusLive at a later date.

One of the real features of the Lotus vision for cloud-based collaboration is ‘click-to-cloud’ – the ability to integrate cloud-based and on-premise collaboration solutions.  

As specialists in both forms of Social Collaboration solution, plus competitive offerings from SocialText, Atlassian and Google, there really is no better partner to turn to.

So, if you’re considering LotusLive for your organisation (or even for personal use), please get in touch. We’d be delighted to help!

"LotusLive Connections is an IBM love child"

Jun 30, 2009   //   by Stuart McIntyre   //   Blog Posts  //  No Comments
A product that combines collaboration and cloud computing, LotusLive Connections is an IBM love child.

Great coverage of the LotusLive Connections announcement by Dan Burger over on the ITJungle site:

Imagine the smiles of delight on the faces of IBM Lotus executives when the conference selected LotusLive as “The Enterprise 2.0 Cloud Computing Technology Buyers’ Choice Award” winner over Google, EMC and other vendors’ cloud technologies. The award was based on the votes of conference attendees

Before moving to the cloud, Lotus Connections was earthbound. By that I mean it was designed to run inside the firewall–installed, deployed, and maintained by the organization using the software. LotusLive Connections is in the software as a service (SaaS) model. Its availability is not tied to any IBM hardware or software, which means it’s free of any Lotus-related baggage that prevents some people from even considering anything named Lotus.

Lotus Connections, which has been available for approximately two years, is a Web-based product. It can be used for extranet collaboration, but it is typically deployed inside companies. Sales force collaboration over a wide geography, for instance, is one use. For many uses, companies don’t want the external world into their internal services for a variety of reasons.

The strength of Connections’ social networking is its increased leveraging of the intelligence within a community. It does this by combining a variety of collaboration tools such as blogs, wikis, shared libraries, forums, and personal contacts based on common interests within the context of the business.

The distinction between Lotus Connections and LotusLive Connections is there so companies can decide whether they want to run Connections on premise or to subscribe to it as a hosted application. A benefit that comes with the cloud version–LotusLive Connections–is that it allows a company to be up and running with a program that could connect its business partners in a shorter period of time.

The terminology is a bit tricky, but LotusLive Connections uses the underlying code base for Lotus Connections, which has its 2.5 release going into production. Because the release dates of the two products are not in synch, some pieces of Lotus Connections will not be available in the LotusLive version. Two of those features are blogging and bookmarking. There are also features in LotusLive that are not available in the software that is run on premise due to the products’ individual production schedules. The two lines will ultimately be converged.

I find this to be an excellent explanation of the links between the established (and in my view, industry-leading) Lotus Connections on-premise social software solution and the LotusLive version.  LotusLive Connections is definitely not the online equivalent of the on-premise version right now, but over time that is definitely the direction that the LotusLive team are headed.  That applies to both features that are in the Lotus Connections 2.0.1 product today (Blogs, Dogear etc) and those that are coming soon in Lotus Connections 2.5 (status updates, customisable communities, wikis etc) – whilst no commitments are being made at this stage, LotusLive Connections and LotusLive Engage are definitely just the first steps in the evolution of the Lotus cloud-based social collaboration offerings.

Link: ITJungle – IBM Lotus Brings Connections to the Cloud

Comparing the LotusLive offerings

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LotusLive is not a single service offering, but instead is a suite of complimentary cloud-based offerings that brings together Software as a Service (SaaS) and hosted applications.  

In many cases, these offerings had been available previously under different names which can occasionally lead to some confusion!  From the LotusLive Engage (formerly Bluehouse) social collaboration platform, through LotusLive Notes (formerly IBM Hosted Notes) hosted email solution to the LotusLive Meetings (formerly Sametime Unyte) high-volume web conferencing service, LotusLive is designed to be a brand that brings together IBM Lotus’ end-user-focused online services.

To make things easier, there is now a simple chart describing the major features of each LotusLive offering, along with pricing information and details on whether trial versions are available:

LotusLive comparison
(click to enlarge)

Hopefully this should make it easier to see where each piece fits, especially with the launch today of LotusLive Connections – as the chart shows, this can be thought of as LotusLive Engage minus the web conferencing and forms and charts functionality.  There, that was easy!

LotusLive Connections is launched today

Jun 30, 2009   //   by Stuart McIntyre   //   Blog Posts  //  No Comments

LotusLive Connections: Networks, Business Instant Messaging and More

Announced last week at the Enterprise 2.0 conference and winner of the Audience Choice award, LotusLive Connections is officially launched today, 30th June 2009.

Featuring the LotusLive Dashboard, social profiles, networking with others inside and outside your organisation, groups, project management and activities, Sametime instant messaging and social file sharing, LotusLive Connections is designed to a low cost online collaboration solution for small to medium businesses and corporate departments.  Taking many features from the on-premise Lotus Connections social software product, it provides an integrated and easy-to-manage cloud-based solution that offers fast deployment and excellent value for money, starting from less than $10 per user per month.

30-day trial accounts will be available from today, providing an ideal opportunity to see how LotusLive Connections can benefit your organisation.  We’ll post more information as it becomes available… hits 2.0

Jun 29, 2009   //   by Stuart McIntyre   //   Blog Posts  //  No Comments has had a make-over and is re-launched today:

LotusLive New Page
(click to enlarge)

The new version features a clearer and simpler explanation of the products and services, updated look and feel, links to “My LotusLive”, @lotuslive Twitter account and the upcoming LotusLive Blackberry application, plus a more intuitive trial sign-up process.

In addition, a number of the LotusLive customers and design partners get a mention on the site, including our very own Collaboration Matters.  Check it out today…

LotusLive quotes from Bob Picciano

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Bob Picciano (GM, Lotus) seems to be front and centre when it comes to new announcements, particularly around LotusLive.  I like this a lot – as I said at Lotusphere, I can imagine Mr. Picciano becoming a much higher-profile exec than Lotus has had for at least 10 years, and that would be no bad thing at all…

On LotusLive Connections:

“It’s another natural extension,” said Lotus software general manager Bob Picciano in a phone interview with Mass High Tech. “In LotusLive we provide some things you would consider to be no-brainers like web conferencing and events. People do more than just web conferences. They actually want to work online,” he said.

The main thrust was the desire to add the ability to collaborate across company boundaries. Picciano called that market “massively underserved,” saying most inter-enterprise collaboration takes place via emails with attachments. Workers spend the first few minutes of any meeting establishing that everyone is looking at the same version of a document, he said.


“IBM is an established leader in two major trends: cloud computing and social networking for business. At the nexus of these trends is LotusLive Connections,” said Bob Picciano, general manager, IBM Lotus Software. “LotusLive Connections brings companies of all sizes the ability to build, share information and easily work with their extended business network over the Web.”

PRNewsWire: LotusLive Wins Enterprise 2.0 Conference Showdown Over Google Apps

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Great to see so many of the tech news organisations covering the LotusLive Connections announcements from yesterday.  I particularly appreciate the articles where the audience choice award is also mentioned – this PRNewsWire story is such an example:

PR NewsWireLotusLive Wins Enterprise 2.0 Conference Showdown Over Google Apps

IBM today announced its newest cloud service — LotusLive Connections — which combines business social networking with collaboration tools. Part of IBM’s cloud service portfolio, LotusLive (, LotusLive Connections extends IBM’s reach further into new markets.

As part of the unveiling, LotusLive was voted the winner of The Enterprise 2.0 Cloud Computing Technology Buyers’ Choice Award. IBM’s cloud services won in a side-by-side comparison with Google Apps, EMC and other vendors’ cloud technologies, as voted by the Enterprise 2.0 conference attendees.

“IBM is an established leader in two major trends: cloud computing and social networking for business. At the nexus of these trends is LotusLive Connections,” said Bob Picciano, general manager, IBM Lotus Software. “LotusLive Connections brings companies of all sizes the ability to build, share information and easily work with their extended business network over the Web.”

This award is a great excuse to tell your organisation or your customers about the LotusLive suite – after all, any win over the Google machine is worth celebrating!

What is LotusLive Connections?

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The LotusLive site describes LotusLive Connections as:

LotusLive ConnectionsLotusLive Connections is an integrated suite of Web collaboration services that lets you store and share files, manage activities, conduct online chats, and extend your business contacts with networking capabilities.

LotusLive Connections is complementary to LotusLive Engage and includes the same exciting set of core collaboration services for customers who want to work outside the boundaries of their company’s e-mail, but do not require Web conferencing or application sharing.

The power of LotusLive Connections is the security-rich, seamless integration between services. It allows you to share and edit information and manage activities easily with one person or a large community of colleagues inside and outside of your company.

As a Web service, you only need a Web browser and Internet connection to take advantage of the exciting LotusLive Connections features and services.

i.e. LotusLive Connections is LotusLive Engage minus the web-conferencing features (which can be used separately as LotusLive Meetings and were formerly known as Sametime Unyte).  

This packaging will work well for individuals or organisations that don’t need web conferencing, or already have access to a competitive service (say Webex) or have an internal on-premise solution available (Lotus Sametime for instance).

I’ve also seen Engage and Connections compared as follows:

What is Engage?  Engage is a complete set of integrated collaboration services to simplify and speed up your business projects and interactions. Hold online meetings, share files, track projects, have an instant message chat session, gather feedback and report for your projects and cross-company groups and teams. It’s easy to get your business network together, no matter what company they work for, manage the interactions and share the most accurate information that matter to the project.

What is Connections? Connections is a core set of integrated collaboration services to provide to any active project and company members. The simplified set of services enables any member to post and share any type of file, create and participate in projects and assigned tasks, reach out to anyone in the company or LotusLive network with instant messaging.

Hopefully this helps in distinguishing between the two similar offerings.

eWeek: What Is IBM LotusLive? SAAS with Great Promise…

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eWeek again, this time discussing the LotusLive suite in favourable terms

eWeekForrester Research analyst Ted Schadler said IBM makes the unification claim because LotusLive is designed from the ground up to be an integration platform for cloud-based services. “The APIs for identity, security and content are quite sophisticated and Web 2.0 native (REST-ful as they say).”

Moreover, LotusLive is an extranet collaboration platform, allowing IBM’s channel partners to not only trigger secure conferencing, calendaring and content exchange for their customers, but to integrate and deliver new applications.

“I’m not aware that the other services yet do that, though the market for cloud-based extranet collaboration platforms will heat up this year,” Schadler predicted.

However, to even things out, they are not so sure about the mix of SaaS and hosted solutions that make up the brand, nor the many product renames:

“It’s getting really confusing, given the different feature sets and naming conventions,” Creese said. “LotusLive has a lot of features [e.g., Web conferencing, file sharing, profiles, contacts], but chunks of it are not available yet.”

So the promise for LotusLive is great, and given IBM’s delivery track record, the execution this year is almost certain. The key question is whether IBM can get its SAAS marketing straight lest it blow away like a cloud.

Still, very interesting coverage…