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UK IBMers and bloggers share perspectives on Social Business

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Good friends Jon Mell, Ofer Guetta and Jon Machtynger join with key UK-based bloggers to discuss Social Business:

Leading UK bloggers Chris Turner (Springwise), David Terrar (Biz Two Zero), Matt Alder (Recruiting Futurology), David Cushman (Faster Future) and Johnnie Moore (The Johnnie Moore Weblog) come together with IBM experts Jon Mell, Jon Machtynger and Alex Bray to give their perspective on the concept of Social Business.


Leading UK bloggers David Terrar (Biz Two Zero) and Kathryn Corrick ( come together with IBM Social Business experts Alex Bray, Ofer Guetta, Jon Mell and Stuart McRae to discuss the benefits of social tools within the enterprise from an IT perspective


Leading UK bloggers John Ingham (Strategic HCM), Peter Gold (Hire Strategies), Matt Alder (Recruiting Futurology), Mike Morrison (Rapid BI) and Johnnie Moore (The Johnnie Moore Weblog) come together with IBM Social Business experts Jon Mell and Stuart McRae to discuss the potential of social tools within the enterprise to benefit HR and drive employee engagement.


Leading UK bloggers Chris Turner (Springwise), David Cushman (Faster Future), Karl Long (Experience Curve) and Kathryn Corrick (, come together with IBM Social Business experts Ofer Guetta, Jon Mell, Jon Machtynger and Alex Bray to discuss the potential of social tools within the enterprise to drive innovation.


Interesting views and definitions…

How are you approaching User Adoption? Please take the Survey!

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Many of you will be aware that I work on occasion with Michael Sampson, esteemed Collaboration Strategist and author of ‘User Adoption Strategies’ and the upcoming ‘Collaboration Roadmap’.  Michael and I have also submitted an abstract for Lotusphere 2012, but that’s a topic for another post.

Michael has previously surveyed business users on the use and effectiveness of the various strategies that he covers in the User Adoption Strategies book, and the data has been used in various presentations that Michael has used around the world since then.

Well it’s time to run a new survey to check on progress:

It’s time to ask the question again. How are you approaching user adoption? What strategies are you using? How effective have the strategies been in your organization?

I have re-developed the survey – adding a few new strategies from the book, and using slightly different rating scales – and it’s up and ready for you to contribute your experience.

WIN A COPY OF THE USER ADOPTION STRATEGIES BOOK! If you take the survey and leave your contact details, you will automatically go in the draw for one of five copies of User Adoption Strategies. There’s a weekly drawing between now and early January, so complete the survey early to get a maximum number of opportunities to win a copy.

Image:How are you approaching User Adoption? Please take the Survey!

Michael is particularly interested in hearing from IBM Connections customers to find out how adoption is going in your environments.

Should our abstract be accepted for Lotusphere, we will be using this data as part of the presentation, so please do head over and complete the survey!


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Today user adoption continues to be the bête noir of Social Business platform deployments. Although highly frustrating to business leaders who can see the benefits of collaborative culture and technology, this is perfectly understandable. There is a mixture of generations in the organisation today many of whom are not comfortable with the new technology, there is a heavy loyalty and dependency on email as the prime mode of communication, and there is a fear factor based on the transparency of Social Business platforms.

However all of this will pass and in time Social Business will be the norm as email is today. That is fine for companies who are prepared to take on the serious risk of late adoption, for everyone else they need to conquer the user adoption challenge right here, right now.

For these companies we are ready to help. There are of a number of tools and techniques to hand to assist from – gamification to community management and we can work with you to get the mix right.

Leadership and AdoptionBut above all else, we have found that the best and lasting way to get over the user adoption hurdle is to spend time with our clients identifying a business problem or challenge that will lend itself to collaboration. The criteria for suitability is manifold and this is what we will share with you in our engagement, but suffice to say it has to be a problem (or challenge) that has the potential to involve people who are not co-located and are not necessarily in the same department.

Once we have settled on the first business problem to help user adoption and prove the model, we set about creating a community and pre-populating it so that when the invited employees log on they are already in a place that looks familiar and friendly.

We track community usage and involvement by individuals and measure that against agreed milestones. Where users are falling short of agreed targets (this rarely happens if you have identified the right problem to collaborate on people to get involved) we review both the targets and look to assist the specific individuals with fast fix additional 30 min training sessions. Once users get a feel of success and see how incredibly efficient this way of working is (no more email trails and endless attachments!) the community takes on a momentum of its own and we work with the client to look at the next logical community to create.


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Technical Support

The simple truth is that is you invest in an enterprise Social Business platform and it has been properly implemented and tested, then there should be very little day to day support required over and above your normal IT infrastructure processes.

Accordingly we charge for technical support on a T&M basis with agreed credits that our clients draw down on and which are reviewed by their account manager each quarter and adjusted accordingly

Service support

In the early days of a platform deployment there is very often a mission critical need to have a high degree of vigilance over platform usage an adoption – what is working and what is not working. Accordingly we offer a hands on service support based on analytics and then consultancy to address issues or to spot and exploit emerging trends. This service is customised to suit client skills, culture and resource.

IBM Demonstrating Social in Action

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Just uploaded today, these are terrific demos…

First up, Suzanne Livingston demonstrating IBM Connections 3.0.1:


Then, even more impressively, Jason Dumont showing off the upcoming Social Mail functionality, due to ship in 2012:

Whilst Social Mail has been shown off at various conferences, LUGs and customer briefings over the past few months, it is fantastic to see IBM showing this in a genuinely open forum.  I am massively excited by Social Mail and think it will really take IBM ahead of the opposition when it ships – can’t wait to see more at Lotusphere 2012!

Update: It seems that indeed, that second demo was a little premature.  So in the meantime, let’s enjoy Suzanne’s work – excellent demo, Suzanne!

Insights: Sandy Carter on Social Business adoption

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IBM’s Sandy Carter on Social Business adoption:


IBM launches new Social Business Digital Library – features case studies, testimonials, Lotusphere sessions and industry insights

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There is no doubt that the IBM Collaboration Solutions & Social Business marketing team are beginning to do a great job of social sites focused on events and case studies. The Social Aggregator used for Lotusphere 2011 was a perfect example.

The latest of these, launching this week is the IBM Social Business Digital Library.  

Featuring 60 second social stories, customer testimonials, Lotusphere 2011 session recordings and industry insights, this site shows signs of being a starting point toward a catalogue of excellent videos to be shared with customers and colleagues.

There is also a series on how to become a Social Business:

While additional options to embed the videos and to link directly to a video (or even a specific point within a video) would be great, this is a good start.  Well done to Kathy, Colleen and everyone involved. Excellent work!

The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic

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Amazing stats, presented in an effective graphic…

The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic
Source: The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic

Disappointed but not surprised that 49% of Twitter users never or rarely check their Twitter feeds!

3 keys to consider for social business

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Terrific new competitive Social Business presentation video by IBM’s Louis Richardson:


Louis, this is awesome. Thank you.

(Louis also appeared on last week’s This Week in Lotus podcast explaining his role and Social Business. Well worth a listen!)

IBM Get Social Roadshow events in the UK – registration now open!

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I mentioned last week that the dates had been published for the UK ‘Get Social Roadshows’ – locations are now public and registration is open:

Being able to connect with the right people and build the right relationships to expand your business network can create strategic advantage for you and your company. Being able to “see” more information, data, patterns and trends, makes this collaboration even more useful. Today, a business that relies on these highly interconnected networks, inside and outside of their traditional organisation, stands out. We call this Social Business.

Who should attend:
Anyone using IBM Collaboration Solutions
Anyone interested in learning how to become a Social Business
Business executives, managers and professionals
IT directors, managers and professionals

Join us.

The journey to a Social Business is one we’ll take together. Register today!

IBM Warwick 18th April
Surgeons Hall – Edinburgh (link resides outside of – 4th May
The Gibson Hotel – Dublin (link resides outside of – 10th May
Altitude 360 – London (link resides outside of – 18th May

The agenda has also been published:

Time             Description
13:30 – 14:00 Registration
14:00 – 14:10 Introduction
Natalie Lamb – Brand Executive – IBM Collaboration Solutions
14:10 – 15:00 Keynote – What is Social Business
Jon Mell – IBM Social Collaboration Leader, Northeast Europe
15:00 – 15:30 Customer Case Study
15:30 – 15:45 Coffee Break
15:45 – 16:30 The art of the Impossible ” A Day in a Life”
Chris Crummey – Lead Lotus Evangelist
Stuart McCrae – Executive Collaboration Evangelist, Certified IT Specialist
16:30 – 17:00 Q&A – Natalie Lamb and All Speakers
17:00 – 19:00 Drinks Reception

Great to see my good friend Jon Mell is presenting the keynote – an excellent choice!

Space is limited, so get registered ASAP…

I’ll be at the Warwick and London events and possibly the others too – I’d love to meet you there!